3 Award Winners at ICOM 9

The 9th International conference on Mycorrhiza (ICOM) was held in Prague, Czech Republic, from July 30 to August 4, 2017. Total 540 participants from 56 countries with over 400 poster presentation participated in the 9th ICOM. This conference provides a global platform for a wide and open exchange of knowledge on mycorrhizal symbiosis, from its anatomy and development through the underlying molecular mechanisms, mycorrhizal ecology and functioning, and its implications for the ecosystems as well as for the human society.

Devesh Singh, PhD Student supervised by Prof. Kahmen, presented his PhD work entitled "Bioirrigation and Biofertilization based legume-millet intercropping as a tool to mitigate draught induced yield loss in arid and semi-arid tropics". He received the "Symbiom Prize" for the best poster presentation with emphasis on application of Mycorrhizas in open field agriculture.

See his poster here and have a look at the conference website.

Lukas Schütz, PhD Student supervised by Thomas Boller has won the Biosyneterra  prize with an oral presentation "How reliable are microbial inoculants in agriculture for improving yield and nutrient use efficiency? - a meta-analysis" in the session "Mycorrhizas in agro- and agroforestry ecosystems?. The Biosyneterra prize is provided by Dr. Peter Moutoglis, BioSyneterra Solutions, Inc. This prize will be awarded for the best oral presentation by a graduate student with emphasis on applied research and innovative / industrial applications of mycorrhizas. The prize will consist of a certificate and US$100.

Furthermore, Dr. Krishna Saharan, former postdoc in Prof. Boller's group has won the the Ultimate Mycorrhiza Application for Harnessing Agriculture Resources Integration (UMAHARI). The Award is provided by Dr. Alok Adholeya in fond memories of his Father and Mother. Through this award, a best poster and a best oral presentation will be awarded given by young researchers (below 30 years of age) on application research of mycorrhiza towards product or inoculants. The award includes cash prize of US$100 each besides a certificate and citation.