23.03.2017 | 16:15

Botanical Colloquium: Lorenzo Borghi

The Botanical Colloquium is a scientific seminar held in English and organized by the Botany groups of the University of Basel, by Prof. Yvonne Willi and Prof. Ansgar Kahmen. It is open to the public and to all persons interested in the topic.
It takes place weekly on Thursdays at the Kollegienhaus, Petersplatz 1, Hörsaal 120.

In the online lectures agenda (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) it is offered to students under the title: "Seminar: Biology of Plants and Ecosystems (VV-Nr. 46525)". For more information see:

This week's talk is given by:

Lorenzo Borghi
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Talk title: "The strigolactone transporter PDR1 regulates plant biomass production on phosphate-poor soil"