Sustainable Land Use - Prof. Kahmen

The ability of plants to assimilate atmospheric carbon dioxide, to take up nitrogen and to transpire water governs biogeochemical cycles and controls the provision of ecosystem goods and services that we as people depend on.  

The research in the Sustainable Land Use group focuses on ecophysiological processes in plants that determine the provision of ecosystem goods and services in natural and agricultural ecosystems.

Plant Ecology - Prof. Willi


Our main research topics are adaptation to climate and climate change, plant responses to environmental stress, distribution limits, small population size, genetic load, and genetic conflicts.

Members of the new research group Plant Ecology directed by Yvonne Willi, work mainly with crucifer species, in particular the North American Arabidopsis lyrata.

Plant Ecology 1989-2014 - Prof. Körner (Emeritus)

From 1989 to 2014, Prof. Christian Körner held a chair of botany, specifically in Plant Ecology.

His main research fields are plant water relations, plant responses to elevated CO2, alpine plant ecology, the causes of alpine treelines, and general guestions of stress and phenology in plants

Population Ecology - Prof. Stöcklin

The research of the group Population Ecology focuses on population ecology, demography and evolution in plants.

The main research topics are: Patchy habitats, genetic diversity and local adaptation in alpine plants; Human land use and global change effects on biodiversity in mountain grasslands; Demographic and functional consequences of clonal growth in plants.

Plant Physiology - Prof. Boller (Emeritus)

The research group Plant Physiology is aiming to understand the functioning (or physiology) of plants. 

Related fields include plant biology, molecular biology, genetics and cell biology. To learn more about our field of research visit our website.

Conservation Biology - Prof. Baur

Group Leader: Prof. Bruno Baur
Secretary: Evelyn Meyer

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Sustainable Land Use & Plant Physiology
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Plant Ecology
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