Master of Science (M Sc)

The Master of Science is the consecutive study of the Bachelor study mentioned above, it usually takes 1 - 1.5 years. Core of the Master study is a master thesis based on practical work during a period of one year. Additionally, the study course consists of professional studies and the master exam.

The following master programs are provided by the Botany research group:

- Master in Ecology

- Master in Plant Sciences

Please see here also the lectures listed for Master in Ecology und Master in Plant Sciences.

For a description of all Biology Master studies please go to the website

Doctorate in Botany

> Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil. / PhD)


Prof. Willi (Pflanzenökologie)

Prof. Kahmen (Sustainable Land Use)

The University of Basel offers to Botany PhD students to participate in two structured PhD programs by the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC). For more information about the programs and courses offered please refer to the PSC website.

Bachelor of Science in Biology (B Sc)

You can find all relevant information about the Bachelor studies (Major in Plant and Animal Sciences) on the Website of the Study Office Biology (Studiengangsekretariat Biologie) or in more detail in the University's lectures agenda (Vorlesungsverzeichnis).

After you have matriculated in Basel you can register for the corresponding lectures using the online tool MOnA (My Online Services). Find more information about how to register to courses here.