IDP BRIDGES: ESR4: Seasonal effects of drought on the productivity and fodder quality of temperate grassland species


Ansgar Kahmen; Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center


Claudia Hahn

Zusammenarbeit mit

European Union (Marie Curie Training Network IDP Bridges) supported by the Zurich – Basel Plant Sciences Center (PSC)


Beginn: 01. Feb 2014
Ende: 31. Jan 2017


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ESR4 is subproject to IDP BRIDGES granted to the Zurich-Basel Swiss Plant Science Center. IDB Bridges is a new Innovative Doctoral Program that offers 14 talented early stage researchers an opportunity to undertake their PhD project in the most challenging areas of plant sciences. It will equip them to meet global needs of plant production, sustainable land use and agricultural developments and their implications for ecosystem services and conservation. Through their projects and participation in the structured PhD Program Science and Policy the young researchers will learn to contribute to knowledge exchange at the interface of plant science research and policy. Thus, IDP BRIDGES aims to educate a new generation of plant scientists who are able to effectively contribute to political solutions by knowing how, and when to integrate scientific evidence in policy discussions.

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