Marie Curie Plant Fellow

Long-term physiological responses of plants from contrasting functional groups and environments to centennial climate change


Funded by the European Union (Marie Curie Plant Fellows Program) supported by the Zurich – Basel Plant Sciences Center (PSC)

Duration: 01.01.2014 – 31.12.2014

Responsible Scientists: Dr. Cristina Moreno Gutiérrez, Prof. Ansgar Kahmen (PI)


In this project we will analyse the stable oxygen and carbon isotope ratios of a large number of herbarium specimens to assess the long-term physiological responses of herbaceous plant species from diverse environments and functional groups to changes in climate during the past centuries in Switzerland. The unique herbaria hold at the University of Basel covering 600’000 specimen collected mostly in Switzerland since the 17th century for a wide range of species and environments in Switzerland will be available for this project.