We investigate the ecophysiological processes in plants that determine the fluxes of water, nitrogen and carbon in ecosystems. With our research we seek to understand how plants function in the context of their environment and to reveal how plants shape the provision of ecosystem goods and services in a changing environment. While ecophysiological processes in plants are at the heart of our interest, we link our investigations to research in biogeochemistry, earth-system sciences and paleoecology. Key tools for our research are stable carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen isotopes that we use in their natural abundance or as tracers to characterize ecophysiological processes and biogeochemical cycles.

Currently, our research is focused on four major research themes:

1) Plant and ecosystem water relations in a changing environment

2) Carbon balance and the limitation of plant growth

3) Ecophysiological and biogeochemical principles of intercropping

4) Stable isotopes in plant materials as recorders of the environment 

Latest Publication

Nelson DB, Sachse D, Schefuss E, Kahmen A (2017). Sources and Abundances of Leaf Wax Aerosols in Central Europe. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 198, 299-314



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