Ecophysiological principles of intercropping

Plant biodiversity has important effects on the functioning of agro-ecosystems. These effects have been attributed to the partitioning and facilitation of resources among different plant or crop species. In our research we seek to resolve the ecophysiological and biogeochemical principles of resource partitioning and facilitation among plants in biodiverse agro-ecosystems.

In particular we investigate the partitioning and facilitation of nitrogen and water in intercropping systems designed for the sustainable use of marginal tropical agro-ecosystems.

Current projects: ISCB India

Key Publications

Kahmen A, Renker C, Unsicker SB, Buchmann N (2006) Niche complementarity for nitrogen use - An explanation for the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relationship in grasslands? Ecology, 87: 1244-1255.

Kahmen A, Perner J, Audorff J, Weisser W, Buchmann N (2005) Effects of plant diversity, community composition and environmental parameters on productivity in semi-natural montane European grasslands. Oecologia, 142: 606-615.