Plant and ecosystem water relations in a changing environment

Water is a key resource that determines the form and function of plants. In turn, plants regulate ecosystem water fluxes at local, regional and continental scales. In our research we address both aspects of plant water relations:

(1) We investigate how plants respond in form and function to changes in water availability. In particular we seek to determine how plants respond to drought and how this affects biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial ecosystems

(2) We want to understand how changes in the environment that have occurred since the onset of the industrial revolution (i.e. elevated CO2, increased temperatures or N deposition) have affected the stomatal control of plant transpiration and thus terrestrial water fluxes at local, regional and continental scales.


Current projects: iTREE, IDP BRIDGESPlant Fellows

Key Publications

Kahmen A, Perner J, Buchmann N (2005) Diversity dependent productivity in semi-natural grasslands following climate perturbations. Functional Ecology, 19: 594-601.