Why do a retreat?

The yearly group retreat is a great opportunity to spend some time with the team in a different environment outside of the daily routine.

The main goals are to:

  • Look back and ahead: What have we achieved as a group, what is planned for the future?
  • Discuss group business, what works in the group, what can be improved?
  • Plan and discuss our teaching activitities.
  • Spend some time together outside the office and get to know our colleagues better. 


The Furka Research Station is located at 2430 m a.s.l. at one of the most prominent historical pass roads in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Since 1991 researchers of the University of Basel (Botany) have conducted several major research Projects the bigger part of them under the lead of Professor Christian Körner. 

The station is surrounded by a great variety of typical alpine vegetation, including glacier forfields which makes it an ideal location also for alpine ecology field courses. All about the Research station can be found on www.alpfor.ch.



Furkapass and Research Station