Evolutionary constraints by genetic integration of climate-stress tolerance

Differences in resistance to frost and heat in Arabidopsis lyrata plants (based on electrolyte leakage) in relation to latitude of origin. Plants originating from northern latitudes are less heat resistant but more frost resistant (Wos & Willi 2015 PLoS ONE)


Evolutionary constraints by genetic integration of climate-stress tolerance 

Most plant species have distributions that are restricted with respect to latitude or elevation. This raises the question of whether traits allowing them to cope with one type of climate stress trade off against traits that allow coping with another type of stress. In other words, are there costs associated with persistence in the face of environmental stress? We focus on the assessment of frost and heat resistance and tolerance traits and their costliness under different environmental conditions.

Project of Guillaume Wos



Wos G, Willi, Y (2015) Temperature-stress resistance and tolerance along a latitudinal cline in North American Arabidopsis lyrata. PLoS ONE 10, e0131808