Dr. Sebastian Merker (ehem. Bartels)


Postdoc: 2010 to 2015


Dr. Bartels joined the innate immunity group of Prof. Boller as an EMBO fellow in 2010. Until the end of 2015 he was leading a team of PhD- and Master-Students on the project „Endogenous danger peptides“. Together with his team he uncovered the biological relevance and molecular details of endogenous plant peptides, which trigger an immune response upon perception.


Beside his research activities he is happy to teach the students in plant biology. Recently, he set up a new lecture “Concepts and Methods of the green biotechnology”, VV-No. 33588 and he is the organizer of the practical “Plant physiology and botanical microbiology“ (VV-No. 12237-01). As assistant he is also involved in the Blockkurs-parts “ecophysiology” and “phytomedicin”. He also worked as a scientific advisor during the generation of the online learning material “Sustainable Plant Systems – Plant Innate Immunity”.

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