Lars Dietrich

Nachhaltige Landnutzung

Totengässlein 3
4051 Basel

+41 (0)61 207 35 18

Research Interests

Stable isotopes in ecology
Physiological plant ecology
Plant water relations
Plant anatomy (particularly microscopic wood anatomy of temperate forest trees)

PhD Project

Since climate projections not only assume temperatures will rise in central Europe, but also predict a higher frequency of drought events, it is economically, and ecologically, important to assess the water relations of European forest trees to estimate possible future reactions to drought, not only for single species, but also for whole species communities. My research investigates the water relations of the dominant European forest tree species in a mixed forest. Using a canopy crane at the site of the Swiss Canopy Clane Project in Basel-Hofstetten, I will try to link sapflow, leaf water potential or stomatal conductance in the canopy to xylem microscopic Anatomy of leafs and wood and tree water sources or soil water potential. This allows a unique comparison of water relations among the most important forest trees of Central Europe.

Education and Professional Experience

05/2014 - ongoing: graduate student in the Sustainable Land Use group, University of Basel, Switzerland
2013-2014: M.Sc. in Ecology, major in Plant Ecology, University of Basel and ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Thesis title: "Shoot growth, carbohydrates and stable carbon isotope signals in mature CO2-enriched Picea abies"
09/2013-12/2013: Student assistant and tutor for "Plant Microscopic Anatomy", University of Basel, Switzerland
10/2012-01/2013: Student assistant and tutor for "Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants", WWU Münster, Germany
04/2012-07/2012: Student assistant and excursion leader for "Biodiversity of Plants", WWU Münster, Germany
10/2010-04/2012: Student assistant for "Interconnecting Natural Sciences"-basics module, WWU Münster, Germany
2009-2012: B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry, WWU Münster, Germany


Dietrich L, Körner C (2014) Thermal imaging reveals massive heat accumulation in flowers across a broad spectrum of alpine taxa. Alpine Botany 124: 27-35 


Schmidt C, Dietrich L - (2014) - Chemie für Biologen. Springer Spektrum, ISBN 978-3-642-55423-0, Erscheinungstermin: 14. November 2014, (academic textbook in german language)

Aktuelle Publikationen

Schmidt, Christian; Dietrich, Lars: Chemie für Biologen. von Studierenden für Studierende erklärt, Berlin 2014 (=Lehrbuch). edoc, URL
Dietrich, Lars; Koerner, Christian: Thermal imaging reveals massive heat accumulation in flowers across a broad spectrum of alpine taxa, in: Alpine botany 124, 2014, H. 1, S. 27-35. edoc

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