Dr. Victor Evrard

Nachhaltige Landnutzung

Totengässlein 3
4051 Basel

+41 (0)61 207 35 17


Research interests

I have strong expertise in biogeochemistry, ecology, and isotope ratio mass-spectrometry. I am passionate about the technical aspects of research and troubleshooting. As the lab manager of our stable isotope facility, I offer technical support and guidance to researchers and students and I strive to accomplish the best quality and the fastest turnaround time for our analytical services.


2007 — PhD in Geosciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
2002 — MSc in Biomathematics, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

Professional Experience

02/2014 - ongoing University of Basel, Switzerland: Isotope Lab Manager
2011-2014 Monash University, Australia: Research Officer with Perran Cook at the Water Studies Centre
2008-2011 University of Hawai‛i, USA: Research fellow with Craig R. Smith at the Department of Oceanography
2007-2008 Trent University, Canada: Research fellow with Maggie Xenopoulos at the Department of Biology

2002-2007 Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, The Netherlands: PhD thesis supervised by Jack Middelburg at the Department of Ecosystem Studies
 Assessing the fate of organic matter in subtidal sandy sediments using carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes as deliberate tracers

Key Publications

Payne EGI, Fletcher TD, Russell DG, Grace MR, Cavagnaro TR, Evrard V, Deletic A, Hatt BE, Cook PLM (2014) Temporary Storage or Permanent Removal? The Division of Nitrogen between Biotic Assimilation and Denitrification in Stormwater Biofiltration Systems. Plos One 9:e90890

Evrard V, Glud RN, Cook PLM (2013) The kinetics of denitrification in permeable sediments. Biogeochemistry 113:563-572

Evrard V, Cook PLM, Veuger B, Huettel M, Middelburg JJ (2008) Tracing carbon and nitrogen incorporation and pathways in the microbial community of a photic subtidal sand. Aquat Microb Ecol 53:257-269

Evrard V, Kiswara W, Bouma TJ, Middelburg JJ (2005) Nutrient dynamics of seagrass ecosystems: 15N evidence for the importance of particulate organic matter and root systems. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 295:49-55

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