PD Dr. Günter Hoch

Nachhaltige Landnutzung

Totengässlein 3
4051 Basel

+41 (0)61 207 35 14
+41 (0)61 207 29 80

Research Interest

As an ecophysiologist, my research interest lies in understanding the biological mechanisms behind observed patterns and processes in plants and ecosystems. In general, I aim to combine field observations with in situ and ex situ experiments to gain a better functional knowledge of plant and ecosystem processes in changing climates. My main research focus is on tree carbon relations and the limitation of tree growth under climatic stress like cold temperature or drought.

Main research topics:

        - Carbon Reserve Physiology
        - Cold and Drought Stress Physiology
        - Alpine Treelines
        - Tree Mast Reproduction
        - Plant Cell Wall Functions

Education and Professional Experience

08/2014 - ongoing Senior Scientist at the Sustainable Land Use unit, University of Basel
09/2007 - ongoing Lecturer (autumn semester only), Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern
09/2013 - 07/2014 Research Associate, Research group Prof. Christian Körner, University of Basel
07/2010 Visiting Researcher, FFPRI, Tsukuba, Japan
03/2010 - 08/2013 Collaborator, ERC project 'Treelim', University of Basel
05/2009 Habilitation in Botany, University of Basel
07/2007 - 10/2007 Visiting Researcher, Research group Prof. Anna Sala, University of Montana, USA
03/2003 - 02/2010 Research Associate, Research group Prof. Christian Körner, University of Basel
06/1999 - 12/2002 Ph.D. Student, University of Basel
03/1997 - 08/1997 Technical assistant (GC-MS, isotope analyses), University of Vienna, Austria
10/1991 - 01/1999 Student in Ecology, University of Vienna, Austria


2014 - ongoing: Tree tissue formation under low temperature stress (Co-PI)
2010 - ongoing: Growth limitation, phenotypic plasticity and micro-evolution in a long lived alpine plant (Co-PI). Link: SLF        
2009 - 2014: TREELIM (collaborator)        
1999 - 2014: Swiss Canopy Crane project - SCC (collaborator)
2005 - 2009: Hemicelluloses as mobile carbon stores in plants (PI); Link: Hemicelluloses
1999 - 2003: C-relations of trees at the alpine treeline ecotone (collaborator). Link: Treeline research

Aktuelle Publikationen

Lenz, Armando; Hoch, Gunter; Korner, Christian; Vitasse, Yann: Convergence of leaf-out towards minimum risk of freezing damage in temperate trees, in: Functional ecology 30, 2016, H. 9, S. 1480-1490. edoc, URL
Klein, Tamir; Vitasse, Yann; Hoch, Günter: Coordination between growth, phenology and carbon storage in three coexisting deciduous tree species in a temperate forest, in: Tree Physiology 36, 2016, H. 7, S. 847-855. URL
Martínez-Vilalta, Jordi; Sala, Anna; Asensio, Dolores; Galiano, Lucía; Hoch, Günter; Palacio, Sara; Piper, Frida I.; Lloret, Francisco: Dynamics of non-structural carbohydrates in terrestrial plants: a global synthesis, in: Ecological Monographs Volume 86, 2016, H. 4, S. 495-516. URL

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