Halil Kesselring


Research interest

Local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity in alpine plants.

I am particularly interested in the relationship between environmental variation and species evolutionary strategies and responses. In this PhD thesis we try to figure out how the granularity of environmental variation is linked to survival strategies of alpine plants. More precisely, we look at phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation as two fundamental evolutionary strategies and how they are linked to coarse-grained and fine-grained environmental variability.

Aktuelle Publikationen

Hamann, Elena; Kesselring, Halil; Armbruster, Georg F. H.; Scheepens, J. F.; Stöcklin, Jürg: Evidence of local adaptation to fine- and coarse-graomed environmental variability in Poa alpina in the Swiss Alps, in: The journal of ecology 104, 2016, H. 6, S. 1627-1637. edoc
Gugger, Simona; Kesselring, Halil; Stöcklin, Jürg; Hamann, Elena: Lower plasticity exhibited by high- versus mid-elevation species in their phenological responses to manipulated temperature and drought, in: Annals of botany 116, 2015, H. 6, S. 953-62. edoc
Kesselring, Halil; Armbruster, Georg F. J.; Hamann, Elena; Stoecklin, Juerg: Past selection explains differentiation in flowering phenology of nearby populations of a common alpine plant, in: Alpine botany 125, 2015, H. 2, S. 113-124. edoc

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